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Cashnet Logistics


Managing security and reducing your and your staff’s exposure to risk, this is all part of the service we offer our clients. It’s not just about insuring your cash, it’s about installing sustainable solutions that protect you and your staff.

Our services

Cashnet Transit

We provide you with the choice to manage your own cash in transit contractor, or alternatively outsource the entire function to us. We have secure relationships and strict service level agreements with the most reputable cash in transit companies.

We have negotiated the best rates for you. This enables us to monitor your cash throughout the cash management process, and ensure your cash reflects in your Cashnet Logistics account on time, every time.

The Cash in Transit collection companies we recommend and partner with must use the latest security technology. For example, we insist on the use of dye staining cross pavement carriers, this has been proven to dramatically reduce the risk of robbery in store and across the pavement. We want our customers to have the lowest possible level of risk when you contract with Cashnet Logistics.

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