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Cashnet Logistics


Managing security and reducing your and your staff’s exposure to risk, this is all part of the service we offer our clients. It’s not just about insuring your cash, it’s about installing sustainable solutions that protect you and your staff.

Our services

Cashnet Smart Safe

Cashnet manages all aspects of your cash as we provide intelligent drop safes to count your cash and provide cashier accountability in real time. The safe counts the cash and rejects the counterfeit money from the cash deposits.

Cashnet Logistics deploys the most secure safes and provides you with the process and procedures to manage the cash in your store in the most stable way. We recommend suitable security solutions to ensure that you, your staff and assets are safe and protected. If you are putting yourself at risk we will advise you, and provide guidance on more reliable ways to operate.

We provide and install a state of the art 600kg safe device, which is fitted with a high speed note reader to validate your cashier deposits, record and print deposit reports and communicate this data to your Cashnet Logistics account, so that you know where your cash is at all times.

The safe is serviced by our technical team bi-monthly and we provide all consumables as part of our service to you.

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