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Cashnet Logistics


Managing security and reducing your and your staffs exposure to risk, this is all part of the service we offer our clients. Its not just about insuring your cash, its about installing sustainable solutions that protect you and your staff.

Our services

Cashnet Account

We provide you with a secure online account that you can control from anywhere in the world. The account can be linked to all of your business bank accounts enabling you to direct your money to your cheque, call or saving account as and when you require. The account is held at First National Bank and the account is controlled and managed by you, allowing you to constantly monitor and manage your cash.

We manage your cash and provide the relevant cashier deposit reports and management information. We administer your collections and cash deliveries and the logistics of the cash movements becomes our responsibility to manage on your behalf.

We provide the management systems and reports to enable you to manage your sites remotely and monitor the activities on your sites from the comfort of your head office or anywhere in the world.

We keep you updated on your money’s movement at all times, providing real time information on cashier deposits, cash in transit pickups and settlement reconciliations.

You don’t need to worry about managing the cash deposits in your store, we keep you informed every step of the way.

Cashnet Smart Safe

Cashnet manages all aspects of your cash as we provide intelligent drop safes to count your cash and provide cashier accountability in real time. The safe counts the cash and rejects the counterfeit money from the cash deposits.

Cashnet Logistics deploys the most secure safes and provides you with the process and procedures to manage the cash in your store in the most stable way. We recommend suitable security solutions to ensure that you, your staff and assets are safe and protected. If you are putting yourself at risk we will advise you, and provide guidance on more reliable ways to operate.

We provide and install a state of the art 600kg safe device, which is fitted with a high speed note reader to validate your cashier deposits, record and print deposit reports and communicate this data to your Cashnet Logistics account, so that you know where your cash is at all times.

The safe is serviced by our technical team bi-monthly and we provide all consumables as part of our service to you.

Cashnet Insurance

Cashnet Logistics ensures that your cash is insured from the second it is placed into the Smart Safe until it reaches the bank and we use the best insurance companies to protect your assets. We will cover your onsite, cross pavement and cash in transit insurance and we manage any claims associated with losses or discrepancies in your cash.

Cashnet Transit

We provide you with the choice to manage your own cash in transit contractor, or alternatively outsource the entire function to us. We have secure relationships and strict service level agreements with the most reputable cash in transit companies.

We have negotiated the best rates for you. This enables us to monitor your cash throughout the cash management process, and ensure your cash reflects in your Cashnet Logistics account on time, every time.

The Cash in Transit collection companies we recommend and partner with must use the latest security technology. For example, we insist on the use of dye staining cross pavement carriers, this has been proven to dramatically reduce the risk of robbery in store and across the pavement. We want our customers to have the lowest possible level of risk when you contract with Cashnet Logistics.

Cashnet Payments

Our system is unique in the market as we are the only Cash Management Service Provider that can offer you the integrated EFT and payroll payments systems as part of our offering.

We provide you with an online account that enables you to process and manage your payroll and supplier payments. A Cashnet account delivers secure payments to all banks and account types, and will save you on your current bank charges.

We reduce the management time associated with payroll payments and provide detailed online statements on all of your online transactions. Furthermore, we don’t charge for the online account or the statements associated with the transactions.

We have an integrated solution that can link to your payroll systems and enable you to effect payroll and supplier payments at a fraction of the cost of your current bank fees. The solution is easy to use and through its integration with the leading payroll system we can make complex payroll payments a very simple task.

Join us and share the benefits that over 8000 clients are currently receiving. Anyone operating our EFT payment system will receive rates that are traditionally 40% less than their previous bank EFT rates.

Cashnet Risk

Our risk management facility will assist you to make informed business decisions which will minimise your business risk. Cashnet Risk affords you access to consumer and business credit information including default data, credit history, identification and bank account verification information. Risk enquiries are provided from TransUnion, Experian and XDS.

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