In an age where digital transactions often take center stage, the importance of efficiently managing physical cash cannot be overstated.

With Cashnet Logistics, your cash is in capable hands, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

You need a cash management solution that is
designed to bring tangible advantages to your business.

Cashnet Logistics offers a comprehensive service that takes charge of your day-to-day cash handling needs, providing you with an online account, an intelligent drop safe, insurance coverage, cash collection services, efficient cash processing, seamless cash settlements, and expert risk management.

Our Cash Vault range

Cashnet Logistics offers intelligent drop safes that provide real-time cash counting and cashier accountability. These advanced safes automatically tally the cash while identifying and rejecting counterfeit currency from the deposited funds.

We handle your cash


Cashnet Logistics delivers a secure online account that offers global accessibility and control. This account seamlessly connects with all your business bank accounts, allowing you to efficiently manage your funds across various accounts.

We stand as the sole Cash Management Service Provider capable of offering integrated EFT and payroll payment systems as part of our comprehensive service package.

With Cashnet Logistics you get:

  • A secure online account that you can control from anywhere in the world. 
  • Intelligent drop safes to count your cash and provide cashier accountability in real time.
  • Real-time settlements giving you immediate access to your money.
  • Automatic detection of counterfeit currency from cash deposits.
  • Integrated EFT and payroll payment systems as part of our comprehensive service package.
  • The best insurance companies protecting your assets. Our coverage extends to onsite, cross-pavement, and cash-in-transit scenarios.
  • The freedom of knowing that we will take charge of managing any claims related to cash losses or discrepancies.
  • The choice between managing your own cash-in-transit contractor or outsourcing the entire function to us. We have secure relationships and strict service level agreements with the most reputable cash-in-transit companies.
  • Access to consumer and business credit information to assist you in making informed business decisions which will minimise your business risk.
  • Competitive pricing – ask us for a quote.

It’s Here!


In today’s fast-paced business landscape, time is money. That’s why our instant settlement solution is a game-changer for your financial operations. With instant settlements, you don’t have to wait for days to access your funds. Your transactions are processed and settled when your safe door opens, providing you with the financial agility your business needs.

No more delayed payments causing cash flow headaches or uncertainty about when your funds will be available. With our real-time settlement solution, you gain immediate access to your money, enabling you to make timely decisions, pay suppliers promptly, and seize growth opportunities as they arise.


Enhance Security

Security is paramount when dealing with physical cash. Our cash vaults are designed to provide an impenetrable fortress for your money. They are equipped with advanced security systems which ensures that your cash remains safe from theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. 

Reduce Risk

Storing large sums of cash on-site poses inherent risks, from theft to natural disasters. We mitigate these risks by providing a secure on-site location for cash storage. This reduces the potential for loss, even in the face of unforeseen events.

Efficient Cash Handling

With Cashnet Logistics, your business has a streamlined way to handle cash. Cashiers can focus on their primary tasks, while our vaults handle the time-consuming and error-prone processes of counting, sorting, and preparing cash for deposit. This results in fewer errors, improved accuracy, and greater efficiency in daily operations.

Improve Cash Flow

Efficient cash management means that your funds are readily available when needed. Cash vaults and services ensure that cash is counted, sorted, and deposited promptly, accelerating the availability of funds in your bank account. This quick access to cash allows for timely supplier payments, better financial planning, and improved cash flow management.

Cost Savings

By outsourcing cash management, you can completely eliminate the labour costs associated with in-house cash counting. With Cashnet Logistics, not only do we eliminate cash deposit fees and insurance charges, but you can also significantly reduce your payroll expenses, streamline supplier payments, and minimize the time spent managing losses and investigating incidents of theft and discrepancies.

Peace of Mind

Ultimately, the benefits of cash management services and cash vaults extend beyond the bottom line. They provide business owners and financial institutions with peace of mind, knowing that their physical cash is in capable hands, and that every measure has been taken to protect and optimize their financial assets.

Our Top Priority


Cashnet Logistics guarantees the comprehensive insurance coverage of your cash, safeguarding it from the moment it enters our Smart Safe until it reaches the bank. We partner with top-tier insurance companies to ensure the protection of your assets. Our coverage extends to onsite, cross-pavement, and cash-in-transit scenarios, and we take charge of managing any claims related to cash losses or discrepancies.

You have the flexibility to manage your own cash-in-transit contractor if you prefer, or you can opt to outsource the entire function to us. In either case, we maintain secure relationships and adhere to strict service level agreements with the most reputable cash-in-transit companies, assuring the utmost security and reliability.

We’re trusted by these brands

In an era where the threat of financial crime is on the rise, Cashnet Logistics has emerged as the trusted brand among clients and partners. Our unwavering commitment to security and efficiency is evident in our range of category 3 and 4 rated devices, purpose-built to meet the demands of high-risk environments.

Our clients and partners recognize us as the go-to solution for secure cash management. Whether in retail or high-volume settings, our reputation for reliability and innovation precedes us. 

Join the ranks of satisfied clients and partners who rely on Cashnet Logistics for comprehensive cash management solutions that redefine industry standards.




Around 18 months ago, after calling for competing quotes, we selected Cashnet Logistics to manage our cash collections and deposits. At the time this was because they would save us the most. A major bonus has been that their service – it’s out of this world. I can’t speak highly enough of Cashnet as a company, and we have been more than happy that we signed up with them.

Michael Rhys Hughes | BP Hans Strydom

I’ve been using Cashnet since 2012. Their machines are reliable and robust and their technical service back up is first class. Cashnet looks after all my requirements and I would recommend them to anyone needing a cash management solution.

Tim Carkeek | NPN Auto, Pinetown

It is with great enthusiasm that we’re writing to recommend the excellent service provided by Cashnet Logistics representative, Mr Greg Nagy. Mr Nagy is a very thorough and competent professional whom, from day one, has had our best interests in mind. He has always been there to see us through and assist us whenever we needed him. Mr Nagy demonstrates the character and quality you’d look for in an employee. It has been a great pleasure working with him.

Management | BP BRIDGECITY

The service we receive from Cashnet Logistics is satisfying and we, as a committed client who has used their services for several years, would highly recommend them. Theresa Banks has been a very important part in keeping us as a client. Always willing to help and going the extra mile.

Tarryn | Whytes Auto Trust